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Tagly is a new social platform dedicated to getting your amazing content in front of the people that want it. With 100% transparency & 100% organic reach.

Customers tell you want they want to see.

With a Tagly follow, users subscribe to different categories within each brand - sales, products, events, and/or news. Your brand will have valuable, actionable insights into exactly how your followers want to engage with you.

Tagly puts you in control of powerful organic targeting.

Tagly’s engine does all the heavy lifting for you. Similar to how your email open rates go up with better segmentation, your social engagement will go up when the right people see the right content on Tagly.

The Features

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  • Better Brand Pages
    Tagly makes your brand the star of the show, with a custom highlight of everything that makes your brand great. Our brand pages are a one-stop mobile page for everything a customer wants, from your address to being able to shop in-app.
  • Easy to Add Action Buttons
    When using a URL in your copy, Tagly automatically adds an action button to your post, making it easier for your customers to engage with your brand, whether it be a new product, a sale, or an event.
  • Conversation to Conversion
    Tagly provides a new way for followers to chat and share directly in the app. Tagly users can take action directly in the chat, allowing your brand to reach new Tagly followers and new customers.

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Our Story

A personalized social feed for the best modern fashion & lifestyle brands. Tagly lets you follow a mix of luxury brands, classic American labels, emerging designers, and popular fashion publications. With Tagly you can share and chat about posts directly in the app, and get a second (or third) opinion on that new shirt you want.

Tagly is an app from Metro Detroit venture builder IZI Mobile, which has also created the apps GIF GIF GIF & Tweet Notes. Tagly’s HQ is located in the Detroit area.

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